Rejuvenating a school after 50 years without renewal

A school that has several hundred students, and is the most popular & biggest school in the city, had walls that have not been painted for 50 years. That was until a group of teachers and parents decided to change that...

Teachers & parents working together to create a colourful environment where kids can flourish

Teachers & parents team up to create colourful environment


A devoted group of teachers and parents who actively work for their school and the city partnered up and successfully managed to organise this project where the main hall and the staircases were coloured with Dulux colours.

A real community effort for the benefit of the kids


Some 150 volunteers gathered together for the painting event and in one day, the hall and staircases were painted in bright colours, using Dulux high performance products for the perfect result. All the volunteers were highly enthusiastic and by working hard they managed to finish the entire painting in a single day! Today, children and teachers together enjoy the new environment and share experiences as they walk up the new main hall or climb the colourful stairs every day.

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