White exists in a multitude of brilliant shades, from ivory and vanilla to old lace and snow, and, of course, absolute white. The perfect canvas for any space, white is incredibly versatile and effortlessly makes rooms seem cleaner, larger, airier and calmer, while providing the perfect backdrop to your favourite pieces of furniture. It probably won’t come as surprise that white paint is by far the most popular colour when it comes to decorating your home!

The best way to choose your perfect shade of white is in person at your nearest Dulux stockist. Why? The subtle differences between shades of white can be tricky to view on your computer screen. Because of this, we’ve shown a variety of neutrals on this site, but when it comes to whites, it’s best to head to your nearest store. There, you’ll be able to take home testers in a range of shades and ensure that the colour looks just as fabulous on your walls in daylight as it does in the evening under low light. Don’t be afraid to experiment and, of course, trust your instincts.

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