If you’ve ever seen the glossy outer skin of a horse chestnut seed, you’ll understand why the colour maroon owes its name to the French word for chestnut, “marron”. A deep, rich red with elements of both brown and purple, maroon is a colour that evokes luxury and warmth, while retaining a down-to-earth and natural feel.

A vivid colour, maroon is wonderful for interior design when used as an accent hue. Comfortable and inviting, maroon makes an impact even in small doses and will add instant warmth to your home decor. It makes a fabulous feature wall colour, especially in colour combinations that pair it with cool neutrals, such as white (all shades), pale pink-greys and soft, natural browns. Add a springtime twist to your colour palette by mixing maroon with pops of floral colour, such as lavender or rose.

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