“We’ve just moved to a new home. How can I get my kids involved in decorating their new bedrooms in a fun but practical way?”

Almost half the parents in our global survey let their kids choose their own bedroom paint colours. Child psychologist Lynette Fry thinks this is a great idea, especially if you’ve just moved house.

“Getting kids to pick out their own colours will help them feel invested in their new home,” she says. “It’ll give them the feeling that they really belong in that place, and that the place belongs to them.”

“If you want to get them even more excited about the project, give them a sense of what’s possible. Kids love technology, so the Dulux Visualizer app is a great way to show them how their room could look once it’s finished.”

Get your kids involved in decorating bedrooms and help them feel more settled when you move house.

How to use the Dulux Visualizer app

The Visualizer app LINK TO APP gives you an instant, realistic impression of what your room decor will look like once it’s been painted – and it’s really fun and easy to use.

This is all you need to do:

  1. Open the Visualizer app on your Smartphone or tablet
  2. Hold the screen up to view the wall you want to paint
  3. Choose any colour from the entire Dulux paint palette
  4. Tap to make the colour appear on the picture of your wall

It’s so simple that kids will have no problem browsing through the paint colours on their own. In fact, kids are such whizzes with technology these days that they’ll probably end up teaching you a thing or two.

If they don’t like the colour they’ve selected, they can just pick another and try again until they find one that’s just right – subject to parental approval, of course!

The Dulux Visualizer app is a fun and practical way to let your children pick their own bedroom colour schemes when you move house.

Top tip

If you’re still concerned about settling your child into their new bedroom, help them find a shade that’s similar to the paint colours of their favourite cartoon or book character to help them feel more comfortable.