Get glamorous

Mineral grey with just a hint of blue, pewter is named after the metal that was first used in the Bronze Age. The perfect accent hue, it has a metallic shimmer that adds a touch of glamour to any space.

A little bit goes a long way – use small touches of pewter to highlight a room rather than dominate a room. You can accentuate its sheen by pairing it with furniture and accessories that have reflective surfaces – think glass, copper and polished wood.

Calm and collected

A cool colour, pewter is perfect for adding stillness to spaces where concentration, calmness and rest are most important, such as the bedroom, office and nursery.

Because of its soothing qualities, it’s a great colour to use in rooms that tend to get warm in the summer months. You could try combining it with other cool neutrals, such as stone or slate grey. Or, for a more dynamic look, try contrasting it with a warmer shade, such as burnt orange.

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