Double the fun

If you’re facing the challenge of decorating a bedroom that’s shared by two little girls with different personalities, don’t despair. Using colour is the easiest way to create separate – yet harmonious – areas.

Be bold

For a colour scheme that’s fun but sophisticated, try pairing mustard green with a soft, muted pink. The burnt orange vertical stripe seen in this room works well to divide the two separate areas while still uniting the space.

For a cohesive look, try and limit your colour palette to a maximum of three strong colours. Echo these colours in your soft furnishings – we love how the bed linen in this room complements the colours used on the walls.

Young at heart

When it comes to kids, change is inevitable – so it’s important to choose a colour scheme that can keep up with your little one’s ever-evolving personality. This colour palette is very flexible and will withstand the test of time, working for both children and teenagers. When it comes to choosing soft furnishings and accessories, choose classic patterns that they won't grow out of.

Complete the look by painting second-hand furniture, such as a stool or toy trunk, in complementary shades.

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