Use a multi-coloured colour scheme to create a statement staircase.

Learn how to create a statement staircase

Create a graphic design statement with a multi-coloured staircase.

Give your home a step-up with a gloriously bright statement staircase. Here’s how to create this graphic look:

Over the rainbow

A colour-drenched staircase is guaranteed to wow guests and make you smile every time you open the front door. For a seriously bold look in your home decor, why not try painting each step a different hue to create a stunning rainbow paint effect?

If your hall or entranceway already has a colour scheme, you might prefer to pick out just two tones from that and alternate them down the staircase.

Or for a fluid, seamless look, why not create an ombre painting technique by using graduating Dulux colours that shift subtly in layers from light to dark.

Go with the flow

Before choosing a colour scheme for your staircase, it’s worth having a think about those colours work with the rest of your home, and how they connect to the rooms around it.

Dulux colour swatches are a great way to discover what colours work well together – simply tape them to the stairs and play to your hearts content!

Start painting

To make sure your paintwork lasts, it’s important to use a prime with one coat Dulux Wood Primer. Alternatively, timber surfaces can be primed with Dulux Supergrip to give a complete water-based system. Top coat Dulux Pearlglo water-based enamel.

When it comes to choosing paint, we recommend you use a hardwearing oil-based paint on the wooden risers (the vertical parts of the steps). Start at the top of the staircase and work your way down, making sure to work your brush into the grain of the wood.

Wait 4 hours before applying a second coat, and then step back and admire your very own stairway to heaven.