Painting a feature wall? Follow our expert home decor tips to creating a wall that brings out your room’s best design features.

5 expert tips to creating a feature wall

Creating a feature wall is a simple way to give a room a dramatic focal point.

  1. The wall you choose to highlight should ideally be the space to which your eye is first drawn when you enter the room. Walls with fireplaces or existing design features – like mantelpieces – also work well. Avoid walls with doors or windows if you can, as they’ll tend to detract from the effect you're trying to create.

  2. Be brave with your paint colours. If your room is already a neutral colour, choose a strong contrasting shade to give the space instant drama and depth. If your walls are already painted a bright hue, try a complementary colour a few shades darker or lighter on the feature wall.

  3. If you’d like to add extra interest, try adding a striking striped effect using harmonious hues. Paint techniques, like lace stencils or hand-drawn circles, are also easy to create and help add a personal touch. [local markets: please link the above underlined text to the following articles: “Choose stripes for a striking scheme”, “Embrace lace for an elegant feel”, “Put a new spin on the classic circle design”).

  4. Strategically placed furniture will work wonders at helping to emphasize your feature wall. In the living room, you might choose to paint the wall the sofa runs along, while in a bedroom, it could be the wall at the head of the bed. Avoid obscuring the wall with too much furniture – the aim of a feature wall is to guide the eye towards a room’s best assets and design features without overwhelming.

Be brave, be bold and follow your gut instincts – and most importantly, have fun!

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