Try our creative Dulux colour choices to make a great first impression when guests visit your new home.

Using Dulux paint colour to make a strong first impression

If you're excited to show friends and family your new home following a big move, why not use Dulux colour to impress your guests?

“How can I use colour to wow visitors when they walk into my home?”

In our recent survey, almost 50% of families who are moving admitted to obsessing over how good their new home’s interior design looks before guests come to visit.

One in 10 people even confessed that they would avoid inviting anyone over if they thought their home wasn’t looking up to scratch.

Psychologist and colour expert, Ingrid Collins, says this is completely normal. In fact, being house-proud is practically wired into our brains.

“The way we present ourselves in our homes and clothes gives off subtle non-verbal signals,” she explains. “Human beings are basically tribal at heart and we strive to impress other members of the tribe with our appearance.”

The power of colour

The unspoken messages our homes send become even more important when we’ve just moved house. We want to show our friends and family that we’ve made a fresh new start and that we’re going up in the world.

One sure way of making a strong and lasting impression is to use bold Dulux colour in your home. But some colours have more impact than others. Here are five bold choices with serious wow-factor.

1) Red

Red is the most energising Dulux colour on the spectrum and can give a space a warm and welcoming feel. It looks particularly inviting when lit by candlelight, making it a great choice for dining rooms.

2) Orange

Orange Dulux colour fizzes with vitality. Paint it on your walls and you’ll instantly create the sense that this is a happy, lively home. Used on its own, it can be a bit overwhelming, so try toning it down by pairing it with its complementary colour, blue, for a sharp, contemporary look.

Alternatively, go for a versatile shade like Copper Blush. It looks great on its own, or add warmth to your decor by using it on an accent wall.

3) Gold

Gold tones ooze opulence, making them the perfect choice if you want to surround your guests with luxury. A little can go a long way, so go for pale shades on your walls, adding extra glam factor with carefully chosen gold accessories.

4) Purple

Paint with deep purple and you’re guaranteed to make a statement. Its rich tones radiate confidence and self-esteem. Because it’s so intense, it generally works best as an accent rather than all-over Dulux paint colour.

5) Teal

Teal is the Dulux colour of choice for trend-savvy decorators, but it’s also highly versatile. It works just as well as a backdrop to cutting-edge contemporary decor as it does in more traditional homes and, depending on the tone you choose, can appear dark and moody or bright and invigorating.

Top tip

Test out your bold colours with our Dulux Visualizer APP – a handy app that lets you see what your freshly-painted room will look like at the push of a button.