Pastels in different shades of purple

Unleash your creativity with purple

Seeking artistic inspiration? Try the power of purple.

Richard Wagner was certainly on the money when he decided to write his operas in a room adorned entirely in purple. A mixture of calm blue and passionate red, purple embodies all the characteristics of creativity - wisdom, independence, courage and confidence. To stimulate the senses and get your creative juices flowing, introduce purple to your study, library or studio. If Wagner’s all-purple walls aren’t your thing, pair softer shades of lavender and violet with creams and beiges for an elegant, calming feel.

Purple’s affinity with both blue and red also make it the perfect colour for both boys’ and girls’ bedrooms. Paint one wall for an eye-catching feature or give your child free reign with the paintbrush on their favourite toy chest or chair. Now, that’s what we call creativity.

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