Discover how to use paint to reclaim forgotten areas like windows and alcoves in your home – a big interior decorating trend for 2015.

Transform unseen spaces in your home

Use colour to highlight unseen spaces in your home.

Make the ordinary extraordinary

All our homes have the odd overlooked corner, neglected blank wall or forgotten space just waiting to be loved. A big interior design trend for 2015 is all about cherishing unseen spaces and creating beauty within those in-between places.

You don't need to spend a fortune on home improvement with new furniture, instead use colour to frame views and draw attention to unnoticed features.

Enhance a room with a view

Here, an ordinary window is accentuated by an off-set panel of fresh pastel paint that contrasts perfectly with the colour palette of mauve brown walls and bold black window frame. Like a shard of light streaming through the window, this clever interior decorating technique creates surprise and draws the eye to the striking view beyond.

Make a connection

Another way to highlight a view is to connect inside and outside. Here, painting the wall in two warm neutrals creates a line, which connects the cityscape horizon seen through the window. Bringing shades from the colour palette in the outside landscape into your home will enhance this effect, turning your view into a work of art.