Step-by-step guide to painting a blurred line

Discover how to master a blurred line paint technique in your home


• A tin of each of your chosen paint colours

• Paint roller

• Paint tray

• Measuring tape

• Pencil

• Ball of string

• Chalk

• Paint brushes

• Scissors

• Masking tape

Step 1: Measure up

With your measuring tape and pencil, make two parallel lines of dashes at regular intervals across the wall where you’d like to paint your blurred line.

Step 2: Apply your background colour

Step 3: Chalk up

Step 4: Mask up

Step 5: Apply your blurred line colour

Step 6: Peel and blur

Not sure which exact paint colours will work best in your blurred line design? Order paint testers here via the Dulux Visualizer app.