Looking for a restful colour scheme? Warm whites are not only easy on the eye, they also work wonders at bringing light into dark spaces.

Soothe the senses with warm whites

Create a haven of calm with warm, earthy whites.

The temperature of white

Look closely at a wall painted in a cool white and a wall painted in a warm white and you’ll notice a lot of differences. Unlike cool whites, which have blue or green undertones, warm whites are tinted with warm hues, such as red and yellow, making them perfect for adding warmth and light to dark or small spaces.

Layer up

Want to use white to create a restful retreat? Try combining different shades of warm whites, such light stone, almond white and warm ivory. You could use one hue on the walls, another shade on the floors and a different colour on the ceiling. For subtle contrast, highlight skirting boards and architectural details in bright white.

Natural beauty

These warm, earthy white walls create a great backdrop for accessories with simple lines and natural details, such as ceramic bowls, stone-coloured vases and soft furnishings made from natural fibres like linen and cotton. Vary the textures and layer them one on top of the other to create a beautiful, relaxed look.

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