Neutral kitchen with one bright red wall

Small kitchen? Use colour to think big

Unleash your kitchen’s potential with space-enhancing colours.

To create the illusion of space, harness the power of cool neutrals. As a rule, cool shades like pearly white and dove grey will visually enlarge a room, while dark tones create an intimate mood. Low ceiling? Choose a colour a couple of shades lighter than your walls to create a vertically elongated, flowing look. If you don’t want to be restricted to white to brighten the room, consider using a product like Dulux, Light & Space. The palette is wide and ranges from the palest of yellows to cool, calm aquamarine.

Narrow space? Use a darker shade on shorter walls and a light shade on longer walls to make a confined kitchen seem wider.

Small spaces also love bright hues. Not only do they fool the eye into seeing a larger space, a wash of colour throughout your kitchen is a sure-fire way to inspire culinary creativity. Paint an archway or space between shelves with a 'pop' of bright colour to draw the eye away from cramped areas.

When it comes to lighter shades utilise product like which allows you to brighten a room without restricting you to white

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