Craving peace and quiet? The ‘Silent Revolution’ colour trend is all about using gentle neutrals to create soothing spaces within our homes.

Need to unwind? Surround yourself with gentle hues

Use subtle colour to create a truly peaceful home.

In a world that is constantly vying for our attention, it’s important to create soothing spaces within our homes that allow us to switch off and re-energise our bodies and mind. For a colour scheme that pacifies and invigorates in equal measures, look no further than this grown-up palette of natural, smoky neutrals and delicate whites.

Confident yet unassuming, this colour trend is all about using subtle shifts of colour and tone for maximum impact. To get started, create a pure white base and slowly introduce colours with gentle undertones, such as pale sand, misty sky blue or cool stone. These smoky neutrals will help to add warmth and colour without dominating the space, while rugs or throws in similar shades will add a touch of texture.

When you’re working with a pale colour scheme such as this one, lighting is your secret weapon to creating an atmospheric space. Keep the lighting low and soft by introducing plenty of freestanding low-wattage floor lamps and dimmable ceiling lights. This look is all about simplicity and subtlety, so creating a space that feels understated and thoughtful is key – no egos allowed!

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