Want to create a home that expresses your style and personality? Try this layered look – it’s one of the interior trends for 2015.

Learn to layer for a cosy interior look

Layer colours, furniture and fabric for a personalised home.

Love your layers

We live increasingly multi-dimensional lives, with hidden depths revealing themselves the more we look. Tell your own story through interior design by creating a rich layered effect using colours, fabrics and furniture.

Pastel palette

The colours that make up this trend are soft, sunny pastels with a nostalgic, childhood feel – think egg yolk yellow, warm terracotta, blush pink, eggshell blue and lilac tones.

Complemented by warm neutrals like pale parchment and sand, you’ll find that this beautiful colour palette is both uplifting and calming.

Get the look

Tap into this trend using colour combinations, rather than one single shade on its own. Continue the theme by choosing furniture in subtle neutral shades, like blonde wood and honey-coloured beech. Then, add more layers with your choice of fabrics and ornaments – this will help you create a sense of depth.

You’ll find that this multi-faceted colour scheme reflects the busy world outside, while the fresh colour palette creates a beautiful, calm atmosphere to relax in.