Painted arch above desk with child’s bed

How to paint an arch using Dulux Colour of the Year 2021

Looking for a wall painting technique that can update any room and create a stylish zoned area at the same time? Try painting an arch. Follow our simple steps for creating the perfect painted arch using Dulux Colour of the Year 2021, Brave Ground™.

The launch of Dulux Colour of the Year 2021, Brave GroundTM, is the perfect opportunity to think about being bolder with paint in your home. Want to update a tired space or add a bit of visual interest to a room? Painting an arch can help you achieve both. Not only is it a wall-painting technique that allows you to experiment with a two-colour combination, it’s also a clever way to zone your space, creating an interesting focal point. Think it’s hard to achieve? Think again. Our simple step-by-step guide makes it easy. 

Painting equipment including rollers and paint

To paint an arch on your wall, you will need:

  • Can of each of your chosen paint colours, with a contrasting shade for the arch
  • x1 large roller and tray
  • x1 small roller and tray
  • Spirit level
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Ball of string
  • Keys
  • Chalk
  • Masking tape
  • 1.5” paint brush
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  1. For an instant preview of what your colour choices could look like in your room, download the free Visualizer app for your android or ios device.
  2. Narrow it down to a few shades.
  3. Apply your background colour first, using a roller to cover a large surface area. Create M and W shapes as you roll to achieve an even coverage. Once the paint is completely dry (this can take from 2-4 hours), you’re ready to start your arch.
  4. First, cut a long length of string and attach keys to one end.
  5. Use masking tape, stick the string to the wall at the right height for the side of your arch. Cover the string with chalk and quickly pull string towards you and release against the wall to make a chalk-line that you will use as a guide when masking. Mask along this line with tape.
  6. Using your spirit level create 4 points creating your desired width and height size. The width at the top will create the base width for the arch.
  7. Measure the gap between the two sides of the base width of the arch and mark the mid-point.
  8. Attach a pencil to the end of a length of string . Pin the string at the mid-point between the two points so that the pencil reaches either point of your base width.
  9. Draw a semi-circle to form the top of your arch, then carefully paint the outline using a paintbrush. Fill in the rest of the arch using a roller.
  10. Gently remove the masking tape while the paint is slightly dry.
  11. Looking for more inspiration on clever wall colour ideas using this technique? Here are four ways you can bring a beautiful arch into your home:
Looking for more inspiration on clever wall colour ideas using this technique? Here are four ways you can bring a beautiful arch into your home:

1. Simple and stylish zoning with a paint-effect arch

Painted arch above desk with child’s bed

Creating a simple arch using a paint colour a few shades paler than your wall colour is an effective way of defining the area above a desk or sideboard. Mixing the warm natural tone of Dulux Colour of the Year 2021 with a lighter, complementary shade makes for a smart and subtle two-tone look that would work anywhere.

Which colours?

Brave Ground 10YY 30/106
Light Taupe    90YR 48/062

2. A tailormade headboard for the cost of a can of paint


Wondering what to do with your bedroom walls? Here’s an idea that’s easy to achieve and very effective. Create a dramatic feature wall in the bedroom, by painting an oversized arch behind your bed in Dulux Colour of the Year 2021, Brave GroundTM. Divided with a stripe the same colour as your wall, it creates a stylish and inexpensive paint-effect headboard.

Which colours?

Brave Ground 10YY 30/106
Llama White   00YY 74/053

3. Combining colours and curves with a double arch pattern

Dulux_CF21_how-to_arch_dining room_Global_4

Don’t want a conventional arch on your walls? Get creative with this wall-painting technique.Paint a series of horizontally rotated arches on your wall. Use Timeless colours that serve as a neutral base and make it easy to experiment, complementary colour combination.

Creating interesting and graphic curves on your wall will create modern look to any room. Try these colours tinted in Dulux Luxurious Silk.  

Which colours?

4. Clever paint effect idea for an open plan living room

Dulux_CF21_how-to_arch_dining room with windows_Global_5

Once you’ve mastered this wall-painting technique, why stick to just one arch? In a large, openspace, a series of arches can make a real impact. Here, Use  Dulux Colour of the Year to paint arches that create a feature between long length windows. Offset against warm ochre walls, they make a striking backdrop for a contemporary kitchen. You can create the same effect using a range of different colours, so be bold and experiment.

Which colours?

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