The Dulux paint colours you choose for your child's bedroom can really boost the way they feel about their new environment, helping them feel happier and more secure.

How Dulux colour can help children settle into a new home

Use Dulux paint colour to make moving home a fun and relaxing experience for your family.

“We’re moving home and I’m worried about how my kids will handle it. How can I help them feel more at home?”

Moving home is an exciting time for all the family, but it can also be a bit unsettling, especially for kids. In fact, 40% of parents say they worry about uprooting their children when they move.

“Kids don’t cope with change very well,” says child psychologist, Lynette Fry. “They need stability and routine, and moving house is anything but that.”

The colours you choose for your child’s bedroom can really boost the way they feel about their new environment, giving them that sense of security and happiness they crave.

Try these top colour tips for helping your child feel more at home in their new environment:

1) Create consistency through colour

One way to give children a sense of stability after a move is to paint their new bedroom in the same colours as their old room.

This will instantly make the new space feel more familiar and homely and make the kids feel happier about being there.

2) Keep things calm with pastels

Moving house is a hectic time, so why not create a serene retreat for your children with soothing pastel tones?

You can go for practically any colour you like – the key is to keep the intensity of the hue low for a calm, relaxed feel.

3) Paint with happy hues

Warm tones such as oranges and sunny yellows have an uplifting effect on the mood, so painting your children’s bedroom in these tones could help them to feel more positive about their new home.

4) Team harmonious greens

Green promotes a sense of balance and harmony, which is just what kids need after a big move.

Layer up different shades of green, from tranquil, muted tones to vibrant, invigorating hues.

5) Restore order with blue

Blue tends to radiate order. It’s also the most calming of all the colours – spending time in a blue room can actually lower your blood pressure and heart rate.

If you’re worried that your little ones are feeling a bit stressed after a move, painting their room blue could give them that reassuring feeling that all is well and everything is exactly as it should be.

And blue isn’t just for boys. For a little girl’s room choose a vibrant shade and accessorise with cushions and bedding in reds and yellows for a colourful scheme.

Top tip

Get your kids involved with choosing matching accessories for their room once you’ve finished painting it. This will make them feel more invested in the space and more content about being there.

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