Decorating a gender-neutral nursery? Combine soothing neutrals with bold patterns to create a space that your little one will thrive in.

How to decorate a gender-neutral nursery

Combine soothing neutrals with bold, bright patterns.

Neutral nursery

It’s no secret that kids love colour, but if you’d like to create a nursery that isn’t closely associated with boys or girls, why not pair neutrals with accents of one bold colour? You could try using similar hues as seen in this nursery, such as blue-grey or warm stone.

When it comes to choosing an accent hue, why not consider using a grown-up variant of yellow or orange, such as ochre, mustard or copper?

Nursery rhymes

Give your little one something lively to look at with a striking paint effect. For a bold look that won’t date, why not try painting different coloured stripes in one corner of the room to create a cosy nook? Play with the room’s graphic lines by painting a shelf in the same colour as your room’s accent hue.

Sweet dreams

For a relaxed atmosphere, keep clutter to a minimum by keeping most of your child’s toys in a large storage unit, such as a trunk painted in a similar colour to the rest of the room. Then, display the most beautiful toys and momentos on the shelves.

Enhance your baby’s first sense – touch – with natural textures, such as a soft sheepskin rug, woven storage baskets and a snug nursing chair. Patterned surfaces are perfect for nurseries as they help to hide inevitable stains and scuff marks, not to mention little handprints!

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