For a quick home improvement project, highlight your windows with an eye-catching colour such as bold yellow.

Highlight your windows with bold colour

Learn how to use colour to create the perfect frame for a beautiful view.

Stretched for time but longing for a fresh new look in your home?

This decor idea is easy to execute and can be used to add impact to any room of the home. To get started, simply choose an architectural feature such as an arched window, an alcove or a doorway, and make a feature of it with bold colour. If you only have a few hours to spare, we recommend you paint the inside of a window or an alcove.

Highlight your feature with a shot of vibrant colour.

To make a seriously big impact, we recommend you choose a bold colour, something brighter than you would normally dare to use. Remember, you’re painting a small space so you can afford to be daring! Depending on how big your window or alcove is, you might find you can use a bit of leftover paint from a previous project or a tester pot.

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