Dulux Weatherguard Fine Textured with MaxiFlex Technology

Lasts as long as the feeling of home.

A Trusted Brand with Over 40 Years of Premium Exterior Protection is now Available in 5 New Colours.

South African weather conditions can be harsh on your home’s exterior. Protect your home with Weatherguard® and the 5 new colours that last as long as the feeling of home. 

Introducing the 5 new Greys inspired by the South African Weather:

Summer Showers

Capture a colour mood as fleeting and refreshing as a Summer Shower. Introducing the new Weatherguard® Summer Shower shade of grey, using MaxiflexTM technology for the ultimate defense against weathering elements, visible hairline cracks, fading and peeling.

Veld Storm

Capture a colour mood as dramatic as a Veld Storm. The new Weatherguard® Veld Storm grey adds a striking textured finish to your exterior with added protection.

Berg Cloud

Capture a colour as soothing as Berg Cloud. Make sure your exterior walls are ready for all weather types with Weatherguard®, with Maxiflex® technology for long lasting weather protection.

Cape Fog

Capture a colour as revitalizing as Cape Fog. For long lasting weather protection it is advisable to use Dulux Weatherguard® with Maxiflex® technology which has a 12 year guarantee and offers maximum stretch lasting weather protection.

Grey Wind

Capture a colour as spirited as Grey Wind. For a tough and durable finish, our Weatherguard® Grey Wind exterior coating provides a lasting elasticity against hairline cracks.

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