Dulux Visualizer 3.2

The new Dulux Visualizer App 3.2 is now Available.

Paint Calculator

The paint calculator is integrated in the product journey of the Visualizer app.
Once a consumer has selected a product, they can calculate the amount of paint required.

Masking tape

In Visualizer 3.2, we have integrated a new functionality which allows consumers to use a masking tape to differentiate areas on the wall to be able to recolor them with different colors.

This functionality is used in three steps:

Step 1: User enters masking tape mode by hitting the masking tape icon on the top right corner

Step 2: A user taps two points (which can be dragged around with the handles you see). Then they hit Apply

Step 3: Adding a second colour to the masked off area and click save when happy with the results

Touch up tools: Threshold

The new threshold functionality gives consumers the control how much paint spreads across the surface of a wall. This allows users on lower end devices especially to control the bleeding on the edges of the walls/ceiling and get better results.

Step 1: Visualize a room and make a still
Step 2: Adjust the controls to add more or less paint using the three icons:
(standard this is being set on the middle threshold)

The renewed color picker

A revamped color picker, allowing users to pick a color by tapping the target wheel, and with clearer navigation buttons/action bar

Simplified home screen and integrated color picker journey

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