Sapphire blue is said to have many mystical properties. Give your interior design a rich look with a touch of this dazzling hue.

Dazzle the senses with sparkling sapphire blue

Give your home a rich look with a touch of dazzling sapphire blue.

The second-hardest gemstone after diamond, sapphire is also known as the ‘stone of wisdom’, and is believed by some to have powerful healing qualities. In ancient Persia, sapphires were ground up and used as an all-purpose medicine, while Ivan the Terrible of Russia once declared that sapphires strengthened the heart and endowed a person with courage.

Blue sapphire gemstones come in many shades, from pale and ethereal blue to rich violet but today, the colour sapphire generally refers to a velvety cornflower blue that looks fabulous in almost every home decor. Try combining accents of sapphire with crisp white to evoke the cool blue of the Mediterranean sea, or pair it with other jewel-like colours, such as emerald, turquoise or topaz for more daring colour schemes. Go on, be brave!

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