For a living room that’s classic yet cosy, pair a warm neutral colour scheme with touchable textures to create a layered look.

Create a cosy room with warm neutrals

Pair warm neutrals with touchable textures to create a layered look.

Layer up

Neutrals might be minimal, but they are definitely not dull. If you’d like to create a classic yet cosy atmosphere in your living room, why not try layering several shades of warm neutrals within the same space. Think creamy, buttery whites that have a touch of yellow, such as linen, cotton, ivory, eggshell and vanilla.

Not only will these hues instantly add warmth to any room (particularly those with lots of wood or concrete), they go with everything and are incredibly comforting.

Add texture

To give your palette of neutrals a visual boost, try introducing an unexpected twist. This could be in the form of a pop of colour (warm neutrals look particularly good with soft oranges, reds and yellows) or a touch of texture, such as a leather armchair or a billowy lace curtain.

If you’ve got a timber floor, you might like to try sanding down the floorboards and painting them in an almond tone. Or, for an instant update, adorn your floor with a textured sisal rug – your feet will love you for it!

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