Pale purple wall creates a calming bedroom.

Create a calm retreat with lilac

Ease away the stress of your day with a paler shade of purple

Purple doesn’t always have to be dramatic and daring. Light shades of purple are said to have the ability to calm nerves, ease stress, relieve tension, and are even said to be good for migraines. Pale purple has a special, almost sacred place in nature: lavender, orchid and lilac violet flowers are delicate and often considered precious.

Light purple shades work wonderfully in bedrooms, nurseries and any space in which you want to evoke an atmosphere of calm. Looking to create a romantic and delicate effect? Paint your walls a single hue of lavender, lilac or orchid. For a bolder look, combine pale shades with slightly darker purple hues, like violet or mauve. The finishing touch? A vase filled with sweet-smelling lavender, of course.

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