Combining Dulux Colour of the Year with warm natural colours

We’ve created four easy-to-use palettes to help you transform your home with Dulux Colour of the Year 2021, Brave Ground™. Here are some ready-made colour combinations to inspire you to mix and match the natural tones of Trust colours.

A warm, natural neutral, Dulux Colour of the Year 2021 is the perfect tone to use in combination with other colours. Nurturing and balancing, it lets other shades shine, and harmonizes perfectly with our Trust palette of universal earthy colours from all over the world.

These complementary shades – soft browns, greys and neutrals – can help create a sense of unity in a room, and bring together the different elements of any interior scheme. Softening the hard lines of a contemporary space and adding a subtle modern touch to more traditional spaces, Trust colours can help create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in any room in your home.

Here are four easy and inspirational ideas for using Brave GroundTM with these earthy colours…

  1. Create a harmonized bedroom with a mix of soft naturals  

Trust colours work together naturally, so it’s easy to combine different tones to create a space that feels connected. Here, walls painted in soft brown have been topped with Dulux Colour of the Year 2021, Brave GroundTM to make a stylish and cosy bedroom. An arch, also painted in Brave GroundTM, adds a creative touch, and cleverly defines a zone for the dressing table. Find out how to master this paint technique by watching our How to paint an arch video.

Which colours?

  1. Try two-tone colour for an inviting living room where people will want to come together and share ideas

Using a split-wall paint effect with Trust colours gives you the chance to play with interesting colour combinations, and also makes for a warm and welcoming space. Here, walls painted in Dulux Colour of Year 2021, Brave GroundTM, have been given a low border in terracotta. Accentuating the height of the room, this scheme also creates a stylish and subtle backdrop for an eclectic collection of mid-century furniture.  

Which colours?

  1. Work with natural tones to create a kitchen friends and family will want to gather in

A warm, natural shade, Brave GroundTM is a great choice for kitchen cabinets, as it looks good with a variety of other colours and materials. Here, it frames natural wood shelves and a collection of copper, glass and ceramic accessories to create a smart and tactile contemporary kitchen.

Which colours?

  1. Create a space to spark ideas with complementary Trust colours

The Trust colours gives you the freedom to mix and match colours, knowing that they’ll work together. Here, a play of geometric shapes, painted in Brave GroundTM and other warm, harmonizing tones, creates a graphic and visually stimulating study wall that will spark interest.

Which colours?

Brave Ground  10YY 30/106
Century Brown 80YR 19/177
Urban Road     15YY 33/043
Vintage Coins  94YR 17/076
White Bucks    10YY 72/021

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