Combining Dulux Colour of the Year with natural blues and greens

Transform your walls with Dulux Colour of the Year 2021, Brave Ground™ in one of our easy-to-use colour combinations. The blues, greens and greys of the Earth palette work naturally together and give any room a comforting connection to the world outside.

Brave GroundTM, Dulux Colour of the Year 2021, is a warm, natural neutral that creates a firm foundation for any interior scheme. Nurturing and balancing, it’s a colour that echoes the fabric of the earth – soil, clay, stone, making even an urban space feel rooted and part of the natural world.

Brave GroundTM is also a colour that lets other shades shine, and it works naturally with Earth colours of blue, grey and green. Used in combination, these tones create a calming, restorative feel that’s easy on the eye and that works in a modern or traditional setting.

Whether you choose to focus on one or two colours or get creative with an easy-to-achieve paint technique, this palette is perfect for giving any room a fresh new look. Here are four easy and inspiring ways to use it…

  1. Combine the colours of the earth, sea and sky for a calming bedroom

Bring the outside in with shades of green, combined with deep blue, for a bedroom that connects you with nature. Finish the effect by adding a touch of Dulux Colour of the Year 2021, Brave GroundTM. Here, painted shutters and co-ordinating cushions anchor the look, while a natural wicker chair completes the picture.  

Which colours?

Brave Ground         10YY 30/106
Midnight Garden     50GG 23/085
Approaching Storm 90BG 11/101

  1. Bring a fresh feel to a contemporary living room

Earthy-toned Brave GroundTM combined with soft green creates a living room that feels straight out of nature. Mixed with indoor plants, natural materials and botanical prints, this is a modern look that can bring a breath of fresh air to any interior space.

Which colours?

Brave Ground  10YY 30/106
Grey Jeans      45GY 55/052
Black Mica       30BB 05/022

  1. Use sky blues in the dining room for an alfresco feel

Paint a deep blue square against a pale blue wall, and frame with a band of Dulux Colour of the Year 2021, Brave GroundTM.This effect gives an optical illusion of a window over looking the skyline.  Fresh and calming, this will bring an airy feel to any interior dining space and when mixed with lush greenery and natural materials, will make you feel as if you’re eating outside.

Which colours?

Brave Ground    10YY 30/106
Blueberry Mash  14BB 55/113
Blueberry Bud    30BB 33/163

  1. Zone a kid’s study with natural candy stripes

Mix style with simplicity in a kid’s room by painting the wall in different Earth colours – soft blue, pale green and Dulux Colour of the Year, Brave GroundTM. Creating stripes in a variety of widths adds visual interest and allows you to zone each area with a different shade. Calming and creative, this is a look that would work in any room, small or large. Find out how to master this paint technique by watching our How to paint stripes video.

Which colours?

Brave Ground     10YY 30/106
Grey Jeans         45GY 55/052
Blueberry Mash  14BB 55/113

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