Create an energising environment with bright
colours blended together using the ombre effect.

Bring energy and creativity into the home

Encourage innovation with bold colour palettes.

Never before has our global desire to come together and grow new ideas been so strong. Thanks to social media, trends no longer burn slowly. Ideas now have the potential to spread like wildfire, encouraging everyone to join in and be part of the digital revolution that’s constantly creating bigger and more beautiful ideas.

The colours that symbolise our desire for connection also move fast. They’re bright, energetic and swoop from one shade to the next. Think unusual combinations that fizz with life, like lilac, fuchsia and atomic tangerine. Keep the look subtle and sophisticated by using the ombre effect – a technique of blending two colours together to create a dip-dye effect – or create a striking stripe effect using a soft, gradual build-up of colour.

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