Why you should help your kids choose a colour palette for their new bedroom that will stand the test of time.

Bedroom ideas for picky kids

Help your kids choose a colour palette for their new bedroom that will stand the test of time.

“How can I find a colour scheme my kids won’t grow out of straight away?”

Children change their tastes almost as often as their shoe size, so it’s a good idea to choose a versatile palette that will grow with them when you move to a new house.

These tried-and-tested colour schemes will appeal to your in-betweeners without ever growing old.

1) Yellow and grey

Bold yellows and greys can pack a real punch, making them a great choice for teenagers who want to express themselves.

Go for softer tones, though, and they’ll work just as well for a soothing, gender-neutral nursery scheme.

2) Perfect pastels

Pastels never go out of style and give a calming feel that’s just right for a bedroom. Combine them carefully and they can work equally well for boys and girls.

Soft blues have a delicate, feminine feel when teamed with white, while pale pinks work well as accents against masculine blues or greys.

3) Fresh greens

Green is an invigorating choice which, again, works just as well for girls as it does for boys. Better still, green aids concentration, making it a brain-boosting choice for kids doing their homework in their bedrooms.

Stick to pale, relaxing tones for the main walls with brighter green accents for a pop of energy.

4) Flexible neutrals

Neutrals don’t have to be dull. Use them as the base for your decor then add a few bright splashes of colour in the bedding and accessories for a fun, youthful look.

This also makes the room easy to update without having to repaint. All you have to do is swop the accessories – perfect for when your teenage daughter gets sick of Barbie pink or your son outgrows the garish colours of his favourite sports team.

5) Blackboard walls

Blackboard paint adds a sense of fun to your decor – but it’s practical too. Little ones can use it for drawing pictures or practising their letters, while older kids can use it as a place to write homework lists or for quirky messages from their friends.

Use it to paint a small wall behind a headboard or create a dramatic floor-to-ceiling stripe down the middle of a longer wall.

Top tip

If your kids are struggling to pick a paint colour and stick with it, use the Dulux Visualizer app to show them exactly how their room will look once it’s painted. That way, they’re more likely to make a decision they’ll be happy with for years (or at least months!) to come.