Want to create an eclectic interior?  Be inspired by the 2015 trend ‘Friendly Barter’ and discover how to create a space that shows off your personal style..

Be on trend with an eclectic interior

Express yourself with bold blocks of colour.

Embrace the spirit of collaboration

We live in an increasingly digital world, a world where sharing, collaboration and borrowing is quickly becoming the norm. This eclectic approach to making a living is now filtering into the way we live our lives and decorate our homes.

Get creative with unusual colour combinations

The colours at the heart of this trend are warm and vibrant. Berry-toned pinks and reds take centre stage, adding softness to orange and lime, while also enhancing the richness of ochre, chocolate brown and warm grey paint and colour.

The key to eclectic home decorating is unpredictability – throw the rulebook out the window and have a go at combining these hues in deliberately unusual ways.

Transform a blank wall with bold colour blocking

For a feature wall with a difference, why not try combining three or four of these hues to create a colour block effect? Here, we've mixed and matched different shades of pink, orange, grey and green to transform a blank wall into an eclectic focal point.

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