Colour team at the Aesthetics Centre discussing the next year’s trends

Our colour trends team

Meet our team of colour-obsessed design experts who forecast the colour trends that influence how we decorate our homes.

At the heart of Dulux sits our colour and trend forecasting team, the Global Aesthetics Centre. Since 1992, the Aesthetic Centre has developed colour concepts and identified colour trends for AkzoNobel.

The team’s passion for colour, eye for trends and keen sense of design make them authorities on forecasting what colour trends are on the horizon. Each year, the group works with both internal and external experts to predict five colour trends and accompanying colour palettes for the year ahead. In fact, the Aesthetics Centre has advised on all of the trends and colour palettes you’ll find on this web site.

Using their colour knowledge to inspire, advise and design for Dulux the Global Aesthetics Centre is behind many of the tools that help you make colour choices, from inspirational photos to in-store brochures and colour fan decks.

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