A golden hue that hovers between orange and pink, apricot is the perfect colour choice if you want to add warmth to a space.

Add warmth with golden apricot hues

This cosy colour evokes warm spring days.

Named after the fragrant fruit of the same colour, apricot is a tawny golden shade that hovers between orange and pink. A cosy colour that evokes warm spring days, apricot works particularly well in spaces that don’t get enough natural light. This is because warm hues such as apricot help to throw light around the space, tricking the eye into thinking the room is brighter than is actually is.

To create a pulled-together look, you could try using a darker, richer apricot hue for the woodwork and a paler shade for the walls. Or if you have a large or open-plan space, use the darker shade on the wall to create a more intimate atmosphere. To enhance the summery vibe, pair apricot with accents of other warm hues, such as gold, burnt orange and dusky pink.

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