4 ways to use Dulux Colour of the Year in your bedroom

Discover how to use Creme Brulee, Dulux Colour of the Year 2019, to create different moods in your bedroom.

Are you ready to rejuvenate your bedroom? This room is taking on an ever more important role in modern lifestyles. In a hectic world, bedrooms have become the ultimate retreat, a place to rest, relax and recharge. To give your bedroom the attention it deserves, try a makeover using one of the four Dulux Colour of the Year 2019 palettes, all built around the versatile Creme Brulee shade – which one will suit your style?

1.  The soothing bedroom

In this subtly sophisticated room, soft pink is mixed with earthy neutrals and warmed by the golden tones of Creme Brulee – giving the palette a chic feel. The room is accessorized with tactile velvets and polished woods to create a look of low-key luxury.

Which colours ?

00YY 26/220
90GG 83/011
80YR 59/089

2. The calming bedroom

This deeply tranquil room is all about creating a space to pause and enjoy the moment. Try this palette of delicate pinks, soft greys and fresh whites, given substance by touches of Creme Brulee. Layer on pale woods and the softest knitted throws for a bedroom that is simple and serene.

Which colours?

00YY 26/220
00NN 37/000
10YR 28/072

3. The cozy bedroom

If you want to be surrounded by an intensely warm and welcoming atmosphere in the bedroom, then try this pigment-rich palette that mixes terracotta red with deep forest green and touches of vibrant blue. Add simple wooden furniture and richly patterned fabrics to complete this inspiring and nurturing mood.

Which colours?

00YY 26/220
11YR 07/229
70YY 06/088

4. The vibrant bedroom

For a playful and fun bedroom look that will have you feeling revitalized every morning, this is the palette to try. Bright shades like emerald green are mixed with crisp whites and grounded by Creme Brulee. Colour is used in bold abstract blocks to create a fresh and edgy mood that is emphasized by vibrant textiles and cool modern furniture.

Which Colours ?

30GY 88/014
40YY 41/054
00YY 26/220
30GG 11/281


Discover how the Dulux Colour of the Year palettes for 2019 could transform your bedroom with the Dulux Visualizer [LINK: Visualizer article] app.

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